Berkshire Hathaway Direct Insurance Company NIAC Number

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In this blog post we will discuss about Berkshire Hathaway Direct Insurance Company NIAC Number. If you are looking for an insurance company that offers a wide range of products and services you may have come across Berkshire Hathaway Direct Insurance Company (BHDIC). BHDIC is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. one of the largest and most respected companies in the world led by billionaire investor Warren Buffett.

BHDIC provides property and casualty insurance for individuals and businesses as well as reinsurance and specialty insurance. But what is BHDICs NIAC number and why does it matter?

What is NIAC number?

NIAC stands for National Insurance Association of Canada which is an organization that represents the interests of the Canadian property and casualty insurance industry. NIAC also assigns a unique identification number to each insurance company that is licensed to operate in Canada.

This number is called the NIAC number and it is used to identify and track the companys financial performance regulatory compliance market conduct and other information.

What is BHDICs NIAC number?

BHDICs NIAC number is 10391 according to the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators1. This number applies to BHDICs property and casualty insurance operations which include:

  • Casualty
  • Surety
  • Marine and Transportation
  • Property
  • Workers Compensation

BHDIC also has other affiliates that operate under different NIAC numbers such as:

  • Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Insurance Company (NIAC – 20044)
  • BHHC Special Risks Insurance Company (NIAC – 11014)
  • Continental Divide Insurance Company (NIAC – 35939)
  • Cypress Insurance Company (NIAC – 10855)

You can find more information about BHDICs states of operation and legal policies on its website.

Why does BHDICs NIAC number matter?

BHDICs NIAC number matters because it helps you to verify the companys legitimacy reputation and financial stability.

Check the companys license status and history in your province or territory

  • Contact information and website of the company can be found here.
  • Access the companys financial statements and ratings
  • Review the companys complaints and consumer satisfaction
  • Compare the companys products and prices with other insurers

You can use the NIACs Consumer Information Centre to access this information online. You can also contact your provincial or territorial insurance regulator or the NIAC itself for more assistance.

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